AWS Training in Bangalore


Welcome to the "Cloud Computing & AWS" course from TheFinalSem. Please find a high level overview of what you will be learning.

What you will learn

  • Understand the building blocks of AWS
  • Work with AWS compute and storage products and services, including EC2, EBS, and cloud formation templates, VPC, S3 storage and glacier
  • Work with AWS Scale and Networking services, including ELB, auto scale, cloud watches metrics and alarms, VPC, Amazon route 53, and cloud front distributions
  • Build a static highly available, fault tolerant and redundant web application service
  • Gain in-depth understanding of costs associated with AWS and techniques to save costs
  • Understand different AWS architectural design patterns
  • Get hands-on practice on all the major components covered in this course

Course curriculum

# Topics
1 Types Of Cloud Computing
2 Cloud Computing Issues
3 Amazon Web Services (AWS)
4 EC2 Instances
5 EBS (elastic Block Storage)
6 Cloudwatch
7 Simple Notification Service (SNS)
8 Auto Scaling
9 Identity Access Management (iam)
10 Elastic Beanstalk
11 S3 (simple Storage Service)
12 Glacier Storage
13 Relational Database Service (RDS)
14 Cloud Formation
15 Cloudfront
16 Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
17 Dynamo DB
18 Project And AWS Case Study
19 AWS Troubleshooting

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